Kandhan Raja Deekshithar, son of Raja Deekshithar and grandson of Naganatha Deekshithar of the Chidambaram Nataraja temple
Kandhan Raja Deekshithar

Kandhan Raja Deekshithar is the eldest son of Raja Deekshithar (R.N.Natarajarathina Deekshithar 1949-2010). And grandson of Naganatha Deekshithar. Being a born member of the Deekshithar community, the hereditary custodians of the Shiva Nataraja temple in Chidambaram, has offered him a traditional upbringing and education in the temple traditions and doctrines. On the other hand his father trained him in synthesising modern science with ancient knowledge. Opening his vision to understand the deeper meaning and perspectives that make the living Indian spiritual  traditions so very special and valuable.

Being Raja’s son gave him a unique perspective and training. Being immersed in the value of the knowledge of the ancients and at the same time seeing these also through the perspective of present science. It gave him wide horizons, and the motivation to dedicate himself to study, research and teaching. Kandhan worked with and for his father on various subjects and projects. When Raja passed away in 2010 he took up the torch. In this he also collaborates with Liesbeth Pankaja.

His formal education includes mathematics and physics, and sociology. He also followed his father’s footsteps in Tantric sadhana. The family is connected as ritual specialists to the Tillai Ambal and Tillai Kali temple in Chidambaram. Kandhan is regularly performing Vedic fire sacrifices or Yajñas since his adolescence such as the Chandi Homam.

Kandhan Raja Deekshithar represents the yajamana in the Rudra Abhishekam, in the Chidambaram Nataraja temple
Kandhan Raja Deekshithar participating in the Rudra Abhishekam

He carries forward several of his father’s research projects, like that on the Sphinx of India, and generally on temple doctrine, cosmology, astronomy, architecture, iconography, mythology and culture. In his father’s footsteps he also offers coaching and counselling applying tradition sciences in a modern form. He is an accomplished Vedic astrologer and teaches contemporary meditation developed by Raja Deekshithar. He is available as speaker and organiser for heritage tours.

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