Chidambaram Nataraja temple, view across the Shivaganga tirtha to the East Gopuram
Shiva Nataraja temple in Chidambaram, view of the East Gopuram and the Shivaganga Tirtha
What is for you the greatest treasure of the Nataraja temple in Chidambaram?

Is it the Chit Sabha or its Golden Roof?

Is it the Ananda Tandava, Shiva’s Cosmic Dance?

Are you inspired by the great sages Vyaghrapada and Patanjali?

Or is it the grand temple festival, Arudra Darshanam in month of Margari?

This website offers you information about all these and more. It is inspired by the work of Raja Deekshithar. He was an independent research scholar and teacher. The team behind this website are his students and his family.

For R.N.Natarajarathina Deekshithar, Raja for friends, it was not the material treasures that fascinated and interested him most. For him the treasures of hidden meaning within and behind all these things that made his temple and everything within and around it so very precious. He shows us how everything is a coded message from the ancients, our ancestors. And how we can use it to solve our problems, for today.

In this site we will share with you these Hidden Treasures, from the tradition, the doctrine, the architecture and the art of the temple. And how to use this information to improve your selves and your situation.

And we invite you to participate, ask us your questions, and share with us your own experiences.

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