Chit Sabha, the Hall of Wisdom

Chit Sabha with Golden Roof, Shiva Nataraja in the Chidambaram temple
Chit Sabha, the Hal of Wisdom

The Chit Sabha is the holiest structure within the Nataraja temple of Chidambaram. It is the sanctum where Lord Nataraja performs his Cosmic Dance. It is found within the Nataraja temple proper, at the centre of the inner courtyard.

To reach there we can enter the temple through any of the gateways. The temple has four gateways, on each of the cardinal directions. But the Nataraja temple itself has only two entrances, on the East and on the Western side. I will tell you more about it in another post.

As in so many other things it is very different from the sanctums of other temples. It is rectangular, on a raised granite base, but with wooden walls. And its most eye catching element, at least on the outside, is the Golden Roof.

The name Chit Sabha has a very deep meaning. And also reflects the very special teaching this temple offers humanity. The word sabha means hall, but also gathering, meeting, assembly, company. And chit means thought, mind, consciousness, but also wisdom.

The most sacred place, the Chit Sabha within the Nataraja temple is therefore understood as the Hall of Wisdom. The appropriate place for the Cosmic Dance of Lord Nataraja.


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