Mushika Vahana for Vijaya Dasami 2018

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On the occasion of Vijaya Dasami 2018 I am presenting my first ever vlog, dancing and explaining Mushika Vahana, a short verse about Ganesha, his mount and his attributes.

The past one-and-a-half year I had lots of time to think and reorganise myself. As I faced a serious health crises. Now I can look to the future with confidence I want to combine my fields of performance and research. And I want to reach a wider audience. To start vlogging is a logical conclusion.

My first vlog is about the mushika, Lord Ganesha’s vahana or vehicle. Usually described as a mouse or rat, Raja Deekshithar showed me the mushika is not a mouse or rat, but a very different animal.

Wishing Mother Durga’s blessings for all beings on this auspicious day.

Mushika Vahana, Ganesha's mount is not a mouse or a rat, but a shrew
Mushika Vahana, Ganesha’s mount is not a mouse or rat!


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