Treasure Map Decoded

Do you know how it feels to hold a real treasure map in your hands?

I do! …and it is one of the most exciting things that ever happened to me.

Classical treasure maps were sometimes torn into two or more pieces and spread among all who possess a birth right to the coveted riches and prevent individuals with negative intentions from taking it all for themselves.


The Antikythera mechanism, star map and ancient treasure
The Map

This map, with its mysterious symbols and illegible characters, has also been divided into pieces and spread out. It belongs to everyone – all of humanity. And we can all participate in the decoding of its directions and take our treasure home. It is ours!

I am talking about the treasure map that is formed by the mythologies, traditions, monuments  and teachings of the ancients. All the great and small civilisations of the past and present hold bits and pieces of this map. And when fitted together we can free ourselves of the illusions that bind us to poverty, suppression, doubt and hopelessness. This is a significant step in the process of seeing our true selves and our world through the jñana or gnosis, Wisdom.

Element Earth in Kanchipuram, 1st part of treasure map tour 2017
The Ekamranatha temple in Kanchipuram, Element Earth

The parts do not fit one-on-one. That would be too easy, wouldn’t it? There are themes of similarities, breadcrumb trails of stories, images, and ancient technologies we don’t understand. We are witness to craftsmanship of art and architecture not possible with our current knowledge and technologies and Star lore calling on our imagination, showing us one can also see across the universe without telescopes. We can find the secrets of atoms and particles without modern microscopes or accelerators, within the symbolism and mythologies. These anomalies are our smoking guns. Above and beyond the stories that seem fanciful and mystical there is a real layer of history that is so far unrecognised. They are also our physical proof challenging us to sit up, take notice, and ask ourselves the vital questions.


Ancient stories and the code

In those ancient stories nothing is what it seems, everything is code, shape shifting through time, geography, and the landscape of language and understanding. Images and meaning scattered all over the globe, as by a kaleidoscope. And the solution to the treasure map, the directions that point us to the treasure lies in between, in the interaction of the stories the ancients left us in different parts of the world and over time. Together with their monuments, like the pyramids found all over the world pointing us North, and East, and South and West. Down and Up.

Patricia Awyan (right) and Liesbeth Pankaja in the Serapeum

Last week I visited Patricia Awyan in Giza. She took me to see some of the crucial monuments that express the great spiritual and scientific knowledge of the ancients in Egypt. We compared notes and brainstormed about the great puzzle that is humanity’s treasure map. And we prepared the tour in India we are hosting together this coming January. This tour is open to all. You are invited to join us as we collectively connect the dots of this ancient puzzle that reveals the secrets to our inner treasure!







Bringing it all together

Between Jan 22 – Feb 1 2017 three parts of this treasure map will be brought together in the ancient land of Southern India as three teachers bring their precious perspectives of the whole.

Patricia Awyan will bring the great knowledge and wisdom of ancient Egypt.

Stella Wheildon will bring the ancient star lore and wisdom of the original people of Australia, the Aborigines.

And I, Liesbeth Pankaja will contribute the perspective of India and the Vedic civilisation.

We will be visiting five ancient temples each dedicated to one of the Great Elements. Earth to Water, to Fire, to Air, and to Aether. And all are invited to join us on this quest. You will experience the powerful energy, stories and symbolism of each. This is the alchemy of awakening….an interactive Journey to the Center of your Self.

Srikalahasti, Element Air
Sri Nataraja temple in Chidambaram, Element Aether
cht_Ilya Mauter_Siva_Lingam_at_Jambukesvara_CreativeCommons
Thiruvanaikkaval, Element Water


Featuring Speakers:

Liesbeth Pankaja Bennink who studied the symbolism, mythologies, ceremony and rituals of the ancient cultures of INDIA both in and out of the field for more than 30 years.

Patricia Awyan will offer an Al Khem-ical approach to understanding the secrets within the symbolism and mythologies of the ancients. I will cite the remarkable similarities between the symbolism of EGYPT & INDIA, in order to provide a deeper understanding of the nature of our reality.

Stella Wheildon will offer us her uncanny ability to map the starlore at ancient sacred sites worldwide, as well as pointing out the reflections of symbolism and mythology with that of the AUSTRALIAN Original People. Her scope of knowledge about global indigenous traditions is incomparable.

Suzan Moore our Techno-Spiritual Team’s paradigm changing Geologist, will introduce us to a fresh and unique perspective on the labelling, consistency and the alchemical potentials of the mixture and selection of rocks and materials used to create the powerful energetic structures found in India.

Nayantara Chakravarthi, a long-time student of ancient traditions in India and the significance of the many sacred sites throughout this treasure filled country, will act as our guide and host throughout the journey.

For details & itinerary:…/Final-5-Elements-Tour-January-…

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